Paula Armold

The discovery of Religious Science, i.e., Science of Mind, quite literally saved my life.

I was a newly divorced mother of two teenage daughters, far from home and all that was familiar, certainly facing a new beginning, and feeling totally lost. Thankfully, a new acquaintance introduced me to The Tampa Bay Church of Religious Science which turned out to be the beginning of a lifelong love affair with Ernest Holmes teachings, New Thought Philosophy, and the pursuit of that Divine Intelligence within. My heart rejoiced when I learned I am not separate from God, that I am surrounded by a creative medium that responds to my thoughts by turning them into conditions and that by changing my thoughts I could change my life. What a revelation !! Dr. Holmes gave me back my life. I learned that I and I alone am responsible for the out picturing of circumstances in my life. I regained my power.

Becoming a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner/Coach was an important goal for me. This teaching greatly impacted my life in a positive way and it is my most sincere desire to help others uncover their Truth. I cannot think of a more worthy endeavor than to walk alongside beloveds helping them to step into their Truth, uncovering limiting beliefs and restore peace in all areas of their lives. It is not only a great privilege to live and teach SOM principles, but also a heartfelt desire to be of service in such a way to know that there is no need to suffer, all conditions are changeable through the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment, and dreams do come true.

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