I began practicing Science of Mind and joined CSLDallas in 2008.  I am from Louisiana but now consider Dallas my home after living here for over 12 years.  The principles and metaphysical teachings that we practice at CSLDallas have led to such amazing transformation in my own life. I am so excited to be a part of our community as a licensed practitioner.

I have a particular interest in both metaphysics and neuroscience.  I was drawn to the integrative nature of our spiritual philosophy seeking to bring together spirituality, psychology and science.

I believe in the power of affirmative prayer and daily affirmative prayer is such a powerful spiritual practice. I have experienced so much abundance and grace in all areas of my life.  The metaphysical teachings of Science of Mind have helped me shape my life, and as a licensed practitioner I look forward to helping others use the same principles actively and consciously in their own lives.  Spiritual Law is creative, predictable and always acting.  Learning to use It consciously in co-creating your life is such a transformative practice.  “There is power for good in the Universe…and you can use it.”

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