Georgeann Moss

Georgeann has attended CSLDallas since 2010. She has served on the Adventures in Spirit Committee, the Greeters Team, the Events Committee, and the Pastoral Care Team. Georgeann’s personal and professional passion is sustainability – ensuring that we leave the world better than we found it for our children and grandchildren.  She uses the metaphor of a three-legged stool to explain sustainability: the three stool legs are equity, economy, and environment.  All three legs must be strong and to support a world that works for everyone.

She has worked for Dallas College for more than 20 years. Her current position is the Executive Administrator of Sustainability Outreach and Initiatives, where she uses the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Project Drawdown to inspire students, employees and community members pick at  least one of the 17 SDGs to support with their time and talents.

Georgeann has been happily married to King for more than 25 years. They have three wonderful sons, three daughters-in law and three grandchildren.  

She is grateful for all the spiritual tools that CSLDallas gives her, but especially loves the concept of affirmative prayer – focusing on what you want to see more of in your life.