Deja Price, Communications & Production Coordinator 

Deja Price is a graduate from the University of Memphis with her BBA in International Business with a Minor in Mandarin Chinese (2018) and her International MBA (2019). She considers herself to be a “Jill of all trades”, having had experience in Public Relations, Social Media Management, Compliance Analysis, Logistics Management, Creative Writing, Chinese Language and Culture, and so much more! Deja, along with several of other staff members, recently took her HBDI Assessment and discovered she is dominantly in the “C” and “D” quadrants- meaning she is holistic, artistic, musical, and most definitely spiritual!

A fun fact about Deja: She loves to sing but has never sung solo in front of a crowd!


Dandy Halliburton is a sweet little Chiwoxy and Deja’s Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Dandy loves hugs and kisses and is vocal about when she needs affection or attention. Dandy will be seen on-site with Deja, so make sure you give her a pet and say hello!

Want to Contact Deja? We would love to hear from you!