Debbie Dobbins, RScP

Debbie is a visionary leader and international speaker/trainer. She is the creator, mentor, and spiritual guide who has helped hundreds create thriving and awakened lives.

As in all great stories, life was not always this way. Debbie’s life journey has had many dark nights of the soul: cancer, soul crushing debt, fear, self-doubt, loneliness, substance abuse and depression. Through it all, the truth has always lit the way through her darkness. 

Those failures paved the way straight into a small office complex in Dallas 20 years ago where Rev. Petra was standing in front of the iconic stained-glass windows and Michael Gott was tickling the ivories. In that eternal moment Debbie knew she was to become a CSL practitioner. She also knew living 2.5 hours away in Wichita Falls was going to be a challenge. You see this was long before on-line classes and the effortlessness of Zoom. No matter when you are called, you are called and so the journey began. Since that Sunday morning, Debbie has manifested wealth and abundance beyond her wildest dreams, created businesses, traveled the world, taught, coached and mentored countless spiritual seekers, checked off most of her bucket list, survived cancer and found herself right back here in the Lone Star state fulfilling her dream of supporting CSLDallas as practitioner while continuing her calling. Her favorite saying is “If I can do it you can do it”. 

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