Briana Ebmeier, Journey of Youth (J.O.Y.) Village Director

Briana Ebmeier thrives on helping young people succeed on their own terms. She loves nurturing their ability to know themselves and to know how their strengths and talents can make an impact in the world so they live joy-filled lives of purpose and meaning. For 15 years she was an active member of the local self-directed learning community, developing innovative education programs for young people ages 3-18 and for her three sons.  One of the most popular courses she offered, Success, blends academic and life skills designed to cultivate intrinsic motivation and a healthy mind, body, and spirit. She also brings to CSLDallas a background in nonprofit and volunteer management as well as 20 years of spiritual study. A passionate lifelong learner who values personal connection, authenticity and contribution, Briana seeks to soak up the goodness that each moment presents. We are proud to have Briana as a part of the CSLDallas family. With a family of her own Briana has a passion to help the youth.  She comes with an incredible history of not only working with groups but also has a true talent in communication.

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