Briana calls herself a catalyst because she is passionate about sparking growth and positive transformation. During her career In nonprofit management, she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund medical research to cure cystic fibrosis and grew an international nonprofit from the ground floor to a $1 million research and education foundation.

For 15 years she dedicated herself to the growth and transformation of young people as an active member of the local self-directed learning community. Briana developed dozens of innovative education programs for youth ages 3-18 and for her three beloved sons.  During this time, she developed an intense interest in the science of learning and became an academic coach.

One of her deepest joys is catalyzing growth in herself so that she can better reflect to others the truth about themselves.  Following a profound shift in perspective in 2000, she immersed herself in spiritual study and practice which have been focal points of her life ever since.

 Briana served as director of the Journey of Youth (JOY) Village at CSLDallas for 2 years prior to moving into her current position on the center’s leadership team. 

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