My passion is assisting others to live fuller lives, that express and experience the possible, rather than settling for the same ole’, the probable, or the inevitable. There is indeed a giving power for good in life and we can use it to change our lives and to generate new possibilities again and again, no matter what the circumstance or conditions appear.

I came to the CSLDallas in 2008, after being tracked by the hounds of heaven for at least 15 years.   Spirit had been calling and when I was led to CSLDallas, the hounds stopped barking and I finally heard the call. I knew that at last I found the place for expressing my spiritual philosophy and a community I can call home. What I’ve now come to understand and trust is how solid and practical these tools and practices are and what a difference it makes to live the principles and the practices daily.
I’m a Coach by profession and a Spiritual Coach by practice.  I’m about what’s practical, proven and productive.  As a practicing spiritual coach, it is my intention to support you with compassion, to attend to and affirm the Spiritual Truth of who you are, and to act in complete faith to demonstrate the Truth that life is abundant with possibility, infinite with potential and good beyond measure. I’m happy to be of service for setting a course for the changes you want for your life.

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