God is my sufficiency.  Joel Goldsmith

We contemplate the Abundance of the Universe and focus on Spirit as the Source of our prosperity. The Divine Reality is the wellspring of our good—we are drawing from an infinite, unlimited supply. This means that Spirit, as Source, has more than enough for all our individual and collective needs and is sufficient to all our needs.

Let’s take this one step further, however. “God is my sufficiency” is true in EVERY area of our life. It’s not just that Spirit is the Source of our abundance —it also means that relying on Spirit is enough. Spirit, by Its Presence in us, as us, fulfills every need—for love, friendship, health, and creativity as well as abundance—not by drawing those things to us, but by already being those things for us, right here and right now.

So the act of relying on Spirit is what allows Spirit’s abundance to be revealed as already present. The act of turning to Spirit, the Spiritual Truth, fulfills the need, even before we ask.

Contemplate: “God (or whatever term speaks to you) is my sufficiency.”

Affirmation: God is my sufficiency!