“Right action means that every legitimate and constructive purpose you have in mind shall be successfully executed. It means that you will know what to do, how to think, how to proceed. The power of the Law is within you and the action which results from this power produces harmony, peace, joy, and success.

Say to yourself:
I know that in the consciousness of the Divine Nature is the supply for every need – physical, mental or spiritual – and I accept that supply in deepest gratitude.
I am thankful that this is the way Life fulfills all needs, though the doorway of the inner self, and I am thankful that I know how to use this perfect Law for myself and for all people.
I come to this great Fountain of Supply in the very center of my being to absorb that for which I have a need, mentally and physically, and I am filled with the sense of the reality of that which I desire for myself and the world.
I invite this awareness to flow into thought and action, knowing that it brings peace, harmony, and order all around me.
There arises within me renewed faith in the limitless resources of the Divine Presence, the perfect Law, and there is now right action taking place, restoring sanity, equanimity, and wholeness.”

Adapted from Ernest Holmes, How to Change Your Life.