Shore Room

Class Description:


AGES 3 – 7 


Young children can still be attached to their parents and primary caregivers.  For some, going into an unfamiliar space can be a difficult transition.  Molly and Whitney take time to greet every child as they enter by getting down on their level and shaking hands and then showing them the interesting and fun space that they will get to play in. The room has a beautiful and engaging mural that includes sea creatures. 
Knowing children at this age are more secure when they know what will be happening next, there is a regular class routine: 

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Children introduce themselves and get to put a heart on the tree 

Song: God is all there is to see… (Words below) 


Meditation: approximately 1 minute.  The lights are dimmed. We suggest the children try to keep their eyes closed, bodies still, and voices quiet for this one minute.  This can be difficult for some children, so it’s something to work towards. 

Craft: simple enough that all children can do it on their own, with some guidance, and versatile enough the older children are able to be creative with it. 

Snacks are available. 

Free play if time allows. 

Song: The song is simple, sang to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Many children know the words as we sing it every week. It can serve as a prayer treatment and provides a regular opportunity to learn about the basics of Science of Mind. 

God is all there is to see.
God is here inside of me.
Smiles and hugs and love and fun,
All good things for everyone.
Now I give my thanks and then,
Good-bye, so it is amen.