Practical Mysticism

Step into your “great awakening” in this journey of consciously unifying with the Presence of GOD.

On this evolutionary path of a mystic in action, live as an evolving soul guided by a deep and abiding LOVE. Discover the light within, a silent partnership with the DIVINE, unveil the mystic that you are. Within you, lies the Kingdom of Heaven!

In 5 weeks you will awaken to the mystic within through:

  • Unification with SPIRIT
  • Deep meditation
  • Altar creationReveling in how you uniquely show up in the world
  • Tasting the mystical experience in your life
  • Attuning to your inner vision and creative unification with GOD


Length of Class: 5-weeks

Text Books: The 7 Paths to God – Caroline Myss

Tuition: $125


New Dates Coming Soon