Practical Mysticism

Step into your “great awakening” in this journey of consciously unifying with the Presence of GOD.

On this evolutionary path of a mystic in action, live as an evolving soul guided by a deep and abiding LOVE. Discover the light within, a silent partnership with the DIVINE, unveil the mystic that you are. Within you, lies the Kingdom of Heaven!

In 5 weeks you will awaken to the mystic within through:

  • Unification with SPIRIT
  • Deep meditation
  • Altar creationReveling in how you uniquely show up in the world
  • Tasting the mystical experience in your life
  • Attuning to your inner vision and creative unification with GOD


Length of Class: 5-weeks

Text Books: The 7 Paths to God – Caroline Myss

Tuition: $125

We recommend you first take Universal Spiritual Principles and Practices, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, or Foundations. This will better prepare you for the core concepts used in this course, but they are not required to take Level Two courses. 

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