Bible and New Thought: Old Testament

Step into a new light exploring the ancient writings of the most recognized, sanctified and vilified sacred world text – the Bible. This class focuses on the metaphysical interpretations of the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Old Testament.

Explore the metaphysical teachings of the threefold nature of these writings — the story of the evolution of consciousness, the partial history of a race of people and the deeper meaning as a spiritual guide. See with new eyes, listen with an open heart and mind as you release old fears and interpretations and discover codes of illumination and the gems of Jesus’ metaphysics.

Within 8 weeks, transform your old ideas into new thoughts as you —

  • Dive into the mystery within the written history of a people.
  • Revel in the cast of characters and secret codes.
  • Excavate old fears, discomfort and lingering questions about the Bible.
  • Contemplate the cosmology of life and your beliefs in God.
  • Explore the metaphysical meanings of the stories of Noah, Jacob, Abraham, Joseph, and Moses.
  • Celebrate a new appreciation of this ancient text.

Taught by Dr. Petra Weldes

As a bonus Dr Petra will provide an additional workshop for those who have registered for this course and want to go on a deeper dive. This additional workshop will be May 7th, 7 to 9:30 pm as a hybrid class. This 90-minute follow-up session is an opportunity for you to ask your most personal questions and dive deeper into whatever needs more conversation – whether it’s more information, something that activated you, or an opportunity to assess and apply what you learned in the course. A unique opportunity for one-on-one engagement with Dr Petra. The add-on cost is $74.99 and the link should only be used by those who have registered for this course.

Add on Workshop

Length of Class: 8-weeks

Text Books:

  • Reading the Bible Again For the First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously But Not Literally – by Marcus J. Borg
  • Holy Bible – George Lamsa or others

Tuition: $245

We recommend you first take Universal Spiritual Principles and Practices, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, or Foundations. This will better prepare you for the core concepts used in this course, but they are not required to take Level Two courses. 

This is a  Science of Mind, LEVEL TWO Elective Course

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Tuesdays Feb 6 - Mar 26

7:00-  9:30pm CST


Led By Dr Petra Weldes