This morning’s sunrise was a glorious combination of soft pink and bright blue. It lasted all of 15 minutes. Its delicate beauty stopped me in my tracks. Life has a way of showing us Itself when we are paying attention. These days of staying at home are the perfect time to pay attention to the moments. In the east it’s called mindfulness and in the west, it’s called being present. Both invite us out of the anxiety and mind chatter into the moment. In this moment, here and now, is where we truly experience the Divine for the Infinite is always only here, now. Each time we savor a moment we are celebrating Life, expressing Love and experiencing the Presence of something so much larger than what’s going on in our heads. So take the time, every day, despite the news, or the circumstances you may be facing, and notice the moments there are to savor. The quiet moments, beautiful moments, joy-filled and belly laugh moments. Pay attention to the moments of connection, solidarity, peace, and support. Feel how our gratitude grows, our creativity expands, and the ability to see possibility and good in these trying times becomes available to us. All because we took 15 minutes to enjoy a sunrise.