Are you missing passion, joy, and creativity in your life? it could be that you are suffering from Routinitis, like so many in the modern world. Routinitis is the dulling of joy, creativity, and passion in your individual life and is suffered by those who feel caught in a life of routine. Routinitis is accompanied by a sense of being flat and depressed or trapped and boxed in. But there is a cure!

The cure is to break out of the routines of your life, both externally and internally. You can break the habits of thinking that keep you chained to a life without Joy by imagining (not just wishing or hoping) the possibility that life is abundant and that you are not a victim of any outside circumstance. You can open your creativity by trying new things even if you are afraid. You can ignite your passion by rediscovering the things you truly love.

The biggest challenge with Routinitis is that it’s safe and convenient. Breaking out takes diligence, discipline, and dedication but YOU ARE WORTH IT! Take your life into your own hands! As you cure Routinitis watch the passion, joy and creativity blossom in so many unexpected ways.