“It is ideas of God which if you shepherd well, will get you into that state of mind called heaven, when you have health, judgment, prosperity.… To say that ‘My Good is supply, God is my Good, therefore God is my supply’ is to stir the mountains and the seas to bring us our new provisions.” — Emma Curtis Hopkins

The most powerful spiritual practice is more than simply sitting on your meditation cushion in the morning and seeking the Presence. It is taking that experience of the Presence with you into your daily life. This means that you know that Spirit is in every situation or circumstance, all you have to do is notice it and call it forth.

So this means that whenever you are uncertain about what is going on, bring a spiritual principle into the process. Find a quality of Spirit that could be revealed. Seek a healing thought within yourself. Remind yourself of a spiritual truth that is applicable to the situation and watch everything turn around.

Contemplation: What are some of your favorite spiritual principles/truths?

Affirmation: Spirit is all there is, in every situation, person or event. I remember a spiritual truth in any moment of concern, worry or doubt.