Peak Room

Class Description:

Grades 10-12

Spiritual Theme: Conscious choices and spiritual living.

CSLDallas teens grades 10-12 and their advisors gather on Sunday mornings, 10am – Noon, and Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:30 pm, to discover and understand core Science of Mind principles and how to apply them to their lives successfully.

Meaningful and honest discussion in a sacred, confidential space forms the basis of all interactions. Engaging activities and experiential learning workshops focus on teen-related issues from a spiritual perspective.  Teens interact with leaders within the CSLDallas community who share their wisdom and act as mentors.  

To build leadership skills, teens are provided myriad opportunities including speaking on the platform during Sunday service, fundraising, serving on committees, community service and organizing special events for the younger children in JOY Village such as the annual CSLDallas Easter Egg Hunt and Winter Wonderland. Lock-ins, pool parties and plenty of opportunities to just hang out and have fun are always planned as well! 

During all teen activities, advisors seek out opportunities to empower our teens to be responsible, conscious creators of their own lives, and to identity and embrace their strengths to create a purpose-filled life. 


Diamond James

My name is Diamond James. I have been in Science of Mind my entire life. This philosophy is my way of life and I don’t know anything else. As a teen I had the opportunity to attend several teen camps. These camps have shaped me into the adult I am today. I owe my life to science of mind and camp.

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With that being said, I now have been given the opportunity to facilitate the spiritual growth and personal fulfillment for the teens at CSL Dallas. It is an honor to work an awesome group of young adults. My journey began at Founders in Los Angeles and then to Riverside CSL, now I’m in Dallas. I absolutely love the community here. The atmosphere here creates an environment of peace love and excellence. Because of this atmosphere I want to be excellence and show up as excellence. I am an advocate for teens to show up as excellence.