2021 Adventures In Spirit

CORE Chair Letter

Let me first start by stating that I am inspired by the nimbleness of the staff, musicians, volunteers, circle/sangha leaders, practitioners and ministers in the speed of our transformation from operating within our physical space to being a full-fledged online presence since March 14, 2020. Through it all, caring service to the community, wise spiritual counsel and ongoing support and engagement have been provided during this, our time of need.

I would also like to acknowledge the high engagement and attendance of the community as we work with technology and Zoom for the best ways to provide meaningful content, a loving touch and divine experiences in the midst of change. Tremendous strength and faith have been shown during this highly unusual time, and there is no place I’d rather be than CSLDallas. I look forward to our continued success together.

Now, it is my pleasure to introduce our 20212021 Adventures In Spirit theme: ZOOM To Prosperity – BE Your SuperPower!

Join me as we explore our superpowers and fuel lasting change through our annual Adventures In Spirit pledge campaign in support of our 2021 budget. Your gifts and tithes create the sustainability of CSLDallas, transforming lives and manifesting new, better realities for yourself and the community. My financial success today is unmistakably tied to the principles and teachings of Science of Mind. Laying aside fear, uncertainty and doubt, and embracing the belief that the Universe fully supports me has been incredibly transformative.

We’ve witnessed the selfless leadership, collaboration, commitment, planning and execution of talented individuals evolving together as a community; to ensure that our light shines as whole, perfect and complete spiritual beings. We exercise faith through affirmative prayer, meditation, visioning, sacred service and tithing, to create that which we believe and desire. Let us continue to bolster the vision and our individual and collective experiences of CSLDallas, our ever-expanding spiritual and metaphysical community beyond walls.

If you presently fully participate in the Law of Circulation, Thank You. If you’re not participating fully in this law, consider up-leveling and know beyond a shadow of doubt, that as a result of your expansive joyful giving, prosperous action takes place in the Universe, in our community and in your individual life. CSLDallas is the container in which to practice radical transformation, creating and aligning to the superpower you’ve come here to be.

So Grateful for You!



Dana M. Jones, CORE Council Chair


CSLDallas brought Freedom to Me!

Tithing changed everything for Me!

Thriving through this Pandemic!

F.A.Q’s 2021 Adventures In Spirit Campaign

Why Do We Have an Annual Pledge Campaign?

CSLDallas is a dynamic, powerful, diverse, and thriving community. Part of being a viable community is providing an annual planned giving campaign for our members. Planned giving follows the principles of the Science of Mind by providing each of us a channel to invest in making a positive change in ourselves and our world. This campaign also allows us to address our financial needs once a year, freeing the other months for the nourishing spiritual messages you expect.

How Does It Work?

Each member and friend of CSLDallas receives a letter from the Center that includes a Pledge Card. You are asked to prayerfully and thoughtfully make a specific dollar pledge to be given during 2021 (January 1 to December 31). You may give your tithe, offerings or gifts on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. You can return the Pledge Card to CSLDallas by mail or fill out the pledge card Online before Celebration Sunday, on November 1st.

If My Circumstances Change During the Year, Can I Change My Pledge?

Yes. You may increase or decrease your pledge at any time. This program is not designed to be a bill you owe. Rather it is a gift from you that uses spiritual prosperity principles that will transform your life, as well as the life of our spiritual community. Once a quarter you will receive information about your giving, so you’ll know where you are with respect to your original commitment.

Does the Money Committed in This Campaign Pay for All the Expenses in the Approved Budget?

The answer is no. However, the intent of the campaign is to cover most of our expected expenses through regular, consistent giving. Generally speaking, the goal of the campaign is to raise approximately 70% of what’s generally needed in the upcoming year. The balance of the money used to operate the Center comes from classes, seminars, workshops, and non-pledged gifts. Most importantly, our pledges allow the CSLDallas leadership to accurately forecast the Income. This enables us to make better financial decisions and be better Stewards of the generosity that we receive from our community. In other words, these commitments are used as a compass to guide CSLDallas through the budget process.

What if I Don’t Think I Can Pledge Right Now?

This is clearly a personal choice and we support any decision you make. However, we encourage you to thoughtfully consider what making a pledge will mean for you. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind, teaches us that what we can see in our mind becomes our reality. Simply stated, if we see ourselves with growing resources, we create our personal expansion. Think about committing yourself to a goal and trusting the Law of Prosperity, thus continuing to build a world full of individuals who have trusted Spirit to provide based on their willingness to give. Do you really have anything to lose, other than fear and limitation?

What is Tithing?

Tithing is established in the Old Testament of the Bible. Individuals gave the first one-tenth of their harvest back to God. Tithing is a powerful act of thankfulness for what we have already received. Faith and belief grow through acts of gratitude.
Tithing is a spiritual principle of circulation which we practice by gratefully giving back to our Source. Individuals who tithe give ten percent of their gross income where they are spiritually fed. When you ask someone, who tithes why they do it, you will always hear about the abundance tithing creates in their lives – abundance in love, friends, careers, peace and financial resources.
Tithing is about faith – the knowingness that Life Itself will meet your every need and will fulfill your every desire.
Tithing is about gratitude – knowing that Spirit is already showering you with all the good that you have received.
Tithing is about living in the flow of Life – giving and receiving, in an unending, eternal circle of wholeness.

What is the Purpose of the Tithe?

The purpose of the tithe is not to build churches or to pay the ministers’ salaries, although tithes do help to do these and other good things. The real purpose is to acknowledge that Spirit is the Source of our Good and that we are aware and grateful for the Good in our lives.