Are you planting new thoughts, consciously tending to your inner garden?

God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures. Francis Bacon

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time is now. Chinese Proverb

Planting a spring vegetable garden demonstrates a belief in the good that tomorrow holds. With the perfect balance of water and the appropriate amount of sunlight, nature will bring you the nectar of the gods. But this delectable harvest of fresh vegetables also depends upon a rich soil teeming with life-giving nutrients,

Likewise, is the garden of life. The creative process of seed, soil, and plant is a great metaphor for the thought seeds you plant into the creative law that says yes to what you believe, and these thoughts manifest as the form in your life. Selecting the seeds—your thoughts—is a conscious decision of what you’d like in your world. The soil—the Law—says yes to what you plant; it doesn’t say, “I don’t like those choices, choose again. Then the law of growth takes over as you continue to add affirmative support, trusting in the natural unfoldment of what you have planted.

Spiritual contemplation: What new thought seeds are you planting in consciousness? What weeds would you like to uproot from your world? How can you better enhance your thoughts around what you’ve planted?

Affirmation: My new thought seeds bear wonderful fruit!