In honor of those who have given their lives in service,
may we have peace.
In memory of those innocent lives that have been lost,
may we pray peace into reality.
In compassion for those still driven by fear, hate, or greed,
may peace awaken their hearts.
In support of those who work tirelessly for peace and justice,
may our prayers make a difference.
In solidarity with all life, all beings, all people,
may we be people of peace.
May peace prevail on earth, and may it begin with me.
Petra Weldes

YOU are an agent of peace. Your words, actions, and presence make a difference. Every time you do not react but stand in peace and act as a benevolent presence in the midst of chaos or turmoil—you are an agent of peace. Let us join together and BE the change we want to see in the world!

Spiritual Contemplation: How are you participating in bringing about more peace in the world?

Affirmation: I am peace. I live peace. I bring peace into every situation.