March at CSLDallas

Movin’ On Up!

Through the winter storm, through the pandemic, through being stuck at home with partners, children and work, we’ve had endless opportunities to practice staying calm in a crisis, manifesting what is needed, and using our tools to make lemonade out of the lemons that have rained down on each of us.

But Spring is finally here and things are starting to move forward, so it’s time – time to be Movin’ On Up! It’s time to move into co-creative mode as we slowly begin emerging into new possibilities and new life. Now is the time to decide what you want to co-create from here – what parts of your life do you want to keep, what parts do you want to change, and what parts  do you want to release permanently? How do you envision your life looking by the end of 2021?

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It begins with the mystical realization of Oneness and that Universal Spirit is your, and our, Source! It starts by looking up, and out, and forward – to a new vision and a new possibility. Spend time this month imagining and contemplating the highest and best reality you can, for yourself and for all of us. Envision the qualities of Universal Spirit present and expressing in, through, and as you. What will life look like, feel like, seem like when the qualities of Universal Spirit – Life, Light, Love, Peace, Power, Beauty and Joy – are fully present AS you, AS all of us?

Contemplating this highest vision creates a powerful mental equivalent, a spiritual prototype, for the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, the Creation Process, to work with. This Law is always operating and by giving It a clear, direct, specific and joy-filled outcome, you can trust that It is working on your behalf, and on the behalf of all of us, to bring this vision into manifestation.  You can be as specific in form or as general in feeling and tone as you choose. Just give it a clear direction and it immediately begins working to bring that about. It’s like opening a new program on your computer and watching it immediately stop doing what it was doing before and start doing exactly what your new instructions are. Just remember to stop looking to see if the new program is still going because each time you open it back up again, the Law is divided in what it is working on.

Remember that if Universal Spirit is, in fact, the Source, It is the source of all good, abundance and money that is needed – for your life and for the life of our nation and our planet. There is enough for everyone, including you, to create the resources needed to engage in producing the end result you have in mind. There can be no shortage, blockage, or withhold in the Universal Flow of Good; therefore, stay focused on allowing it to flow to you and to everyone through every channel known and not known. Know that you are supported every step of the way!

As you are Movin’ On Up in your life look for the magic, expect unexpected good, and all of the synchronicities. These are the ways that the Universal Power is opening doors, creating new pathways, and providing new channels for the manifestation of your vision. Listen for the nudge, follow the signs, and be prepared to be surprised in the amazing ways things unfold.  Cheerfully expect magic and miracles every day along the way.

And remember that as you are Movin’ On Up in your life, you are lifting all of Life, helping to create a new collective consciousness and vision for all people, for our nation and for our beloved planet!



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