You have your own inner GPS to guide you on your way. First you have to plug in where you want to go. It can be anything, from healthy living or growing a successful business, to a specific demonstration; but you must input your desire and intention. Your inner GPS system then combines and calculates the route from various inputs.  First, it inputs the streets and roads available – the paths that follow the grooves in your brain laid down by your habitual patterns and ways of thinking. Then it looks at the traffic, where it may be snarled by triggered emotions or things that are being dug up from the past.  It calculates detours based on old roads that are being abandoned and new roads being laid down through your committed affirmations, visualizations, Spiritual Mind Treatment and other disciplined spiritual practices. Finally, it zooms out for the satellite view, examining things from the Universal Perspective. Here the larger picture emerges and the way your route can be guided through unexpected or exceptionally beautiful terrain is illuminated. The route is laid out and the voice of Intuition begins to direct you. Sometimes unexpected activity on the roadways along the way engages your instinctual reactions but with healthy alignment between your GPS and the hands on your steering wheel, instinct and intuition merge together beautifully to take you smoothly and joyfully to your destination.  So, crank up the music and enjoy the drive!