In creating this world below, the world above lost nothing. It is the same for each Sepfirah (progressively unfolding emanations as God becomes manifested): if one is illuminated, the next loses none of its brilliance. Kabbalah

A goal on the spiritual path is to move from being an individual who is under the law of the world of form to one who lives by spiritual principles—to leave behind the earthly selfhood that is caught in good and bad, ease and struggle, the law of opposites, and walk this world as an expression of the Divine emanation all that Spirit is. Either you are a branch on the tree of life that has been cut off and will eventually wither and die, or you are connected with the trunk and draw nutrients from the depths of the roots that feed the whole tree. Every problem you face comes from a sense of separation from the whole. The tree already knows how to heal. It knows the proper disbursements of the abundant resources.

As you meditate and reconnect with your life source, you come to remember what principles govern your life. In this conscious realignment you are lifted above the laws of this world to that which animates your very life as a branch of the tree. The branch is unaware of the many sources feeding it—sunlight and rain and nutrients from the soil—yet it benefits from them all. You may not be cognizant of the invisible flow backing the totality of your happiness and well-being, or even the people playing an unseen influence. Your meditation establishes your active oneness in the flow of the spiritual sustenance that is ever available to you as a branch of tree of life.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where in your life do you feel disconnected from your source?

Affirmation: I feel my connection to the Tree of Life!