Learning from the past is one of the best ways we can move forward on our spiritual growth. This takes courage and a willingness to see ourselves clearly. Yet the doors that are opened are worth the price.

The challenges in life are not here to stop us . . . The challenges are here to help us grow . . . A big enough challenge will bring out strengths and abilities you never knew you had. Alan Arcieri

Once we’ve really begun to clear out the boxes and baggage in the basement of our past, we can graduate to the Earth School that is currently in session. When we no longer play out old beliefs and false identity, we are done learning from the past. Now we get to participate in learning in real time. As we are paying attention, our lessons present themselves as opportunities to practice and grow. This is the invitation to choose, consciously in the moment, how we are going to speak, act, respond, or move through whatever is going on right in front of us.

Spiritual Contemplation: What have your learned from the past? Where in your life are you being invited to practice living from your spiritual understanding and deal with old situations in a new way?

Affirmations: I know that every day and every situation is an opportunity for me to practice living from Spiritual Truth. I have learned from the past. Now I enjoy the practice!

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