July at CSLDallas

Wholly, Holy Uprising!

 July 2021 

This adventure called life invites us to look at where we are allowing the One Life to show up, where are we taking holy risks to evolve, and how often are we taking chances (opportunities) to let our Spiritual Magnificence be our experience. The word adventure has come to be associated with risk; however, the Latin root advenire means to arrive. This fits perfectly with leading-edge science and Ernest Holmes’ radio show (1950’s) titled Self-Reliance and Your Adventure, wherein he proclaims, “God is our adventure.” This journey involves an expanded awareness that in Life, there is no risk, no failure, no uncertainty. With an awareness of Oneness, faith, and our active participation, the spiritual adventure unfolds through The Divine Urge that is inherently and eternally calling us into our greater yet-to-be! 


One of our greatest adventures is to live with and among others. Yet there are so many taboo topics many of us will not touch; each of these must also be God, right?! No matter the political affiliation, sociological/cultural experiences, religious/spiritual path, everyone is an aspect of God, right?! What could shift if we embraced and communicated courageously, openly, and vulnerably about these things many of us avoid? Science of Mind teaches that our true nature is Divine, and our intelligence is Universal Mind, which functions at the level of our concept of It. We are made of pure Spirit, and each of us has within our own nature the seed of perfection. We allow Spirit to work for us by working through us; we recognize this power, conceive of a greater good, and remove all unbelief. However, in the ignorance of our true nature and with our misuse of the Law, we often bring about suffering. As spiritual individuals, we strive to heal suffering by remembering our true nature. 

A wholly, holy uprising, then, calls for revolutionary love. Unconditional Love is powerfully committed to wholly, holy revolutionary acts that exude grace, compassion, and boldness. Science of Mind is a R-Evolutionary (Radical Evolutionary) teaching balancing Love and Law. Revolution is defined as “a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of paradigm.” Revolutions in consciousness bring change not only to each of us individually but also to the systems and institutions that shape the experiences of us all. Revolutionary Love invites us into a way of being, a way of thinking, a way of feeling, and a way of acting that is rooted in our love for one another. It is in this rising up of our consciousness that we rise up in revolutionary love for ourselves, for each other, and for the whole of Life Itself. 

As a leading-edge spiritual organization, CSLDallas provides teaching and tools to take each of us, and all of humanity, into a new paradigm of consciousness. We are invited to demonstrate this in our lives, our spiritual center, our communities, and in the world. To do so, we must rise up! Let us join the Holy Uprising! Together We Rise!



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