Call For Prayer On Jerusalem

Dec 11, 2017 | Spirituality in the World


December 11, 2017

As a member of the CSL Spiritually Motivated Social Engagement Committee, I am proud to represent the committee in this call for prayer-treatment. We join with spiritual leaders from around the globe in praying for peace as the United States of America makes the decision to relocate its Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This is an action with very strong repercussions in the religious world. Messages from Pope Francis, the Catholic Patriarchs of Jerusalem, and many others have taken the position that the action is likely to raise tensions in the historic city and the larger Middle East Region.

I urge our membership to join me in a prayer treatment for peace.

I know there is only One God, One Intelligence, One Mind. I know each person on this planet is an inlet and an outlet of this One Mind. We and all of our brothers and sisters on this planet are one. As I accept this Truth at the depth of my being, I am filled with an expression of love, of good will, and of peace for all people.

I celebrate the three great Abrahamic faith traditions who claim Jerusalem as significant and holy place. I declare that all peoples share this holy place in peace. I know wisdom prevails in all leaders, spiritual and secular. I claim a way forward is now found which is inclusive of all three faith traditions and cultures.

I know if there is to be peace on this planet, it begins in my own heart. I find peace within, and extend it out to all involved with the sharing of Jerusalem. My heart fills with gratitude for all of the good done for humankind by the Abrahamic faiths – and it expands to allow that good to expand for future generations. May peace prevail on earth today.

Releasing these words into the Law of Mind, I trust in its immediate response. I trust in right action and right outcome, now. I give thanks as I release this prayer. And so it is.

The committee urges all of our spiritual leaders to engage in spiritual practices – alone and in your communities – during this time of apparent fear. Let us be centers of Love, Peace, Wisdom, and Possibility.

Thank you for contributing your continued prayers for peace, wherever and whenever they are needed!

Love and Light,
Dr. Jim Lockard
CSL Minister