When an idea whose time has come must birth, it will always find its way to enter into human consciousness through inspiration. In that moment, the idea enters into the field of possibilities from the infinite, undifferentiated Allness through the person who receives the inspiration. The concept of a personal computer, for example, occurred to an individual who then made it available to everyone else in the world. As far-out as the concept of wireless communication may have once seemed, at the moment it entered into the human consciousness through a visionary, it became available to us all.

Wisdom begins in wonder. Socrates

A business person, knowing full well that what is stirring in his consciousness has an uncanny ability to be popping into awareness in many locations, may rush his product to market for fear someone else may beat him there. Artists, however, know that if they don’t share what they can see and hear, it may never be known because they may have been graced as the sole proprietor of this vision. You are an integral vortex for the abundant potential of the infinite to make its way into form. Once you have caught the vision of something greater, it has entered into the human consciousness through you. So now what are you going to do with it?

Spiritual Contemplation: What has made itself known within your consciousness and is waiting for you to do something with it?

Affirmation: I am the birthplace of a new divine idea!