“If you would create something, you must be something.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Creating your life comes from who you are and the gift you have to give to the world.  Don’t worry so much about what form it will take – will it be this job, or should you write that book?  Focus, rather, on who you are and what your gift is.

Now, begin to look for all the ways you are already giving your gift.  These are the seeds of your creative adventure.  Build on the things that come so naturally to you. Be the gift and your creativity will flow effortlessly from your center.  The form your creativity takes will be a natural out-growth of your inner light.

Reflection: Are you fixated on the form through which you think your creativity should express?  Where are you already being creative?

Affirmation:  I allow my creativity to flow from my inner most being.  I let the form it will take emerge naturally, from who I am.