You live in a realm of Infinite opportunities that are forever seeking to express through you. Ernest Holmes

Too often people think abundance is about what you can get and save, when in truth you didn’t come to the earth plane to get and store, but to share what’s inside of you. You came with a gift to give that is uniquely yours. You feel best when you are in that flow of sharing your talents and distinctive expression. There is an “I” behind your mind. This I-that-is-you thinks through and reasons with the mind and is greater than the mind that tries to accumulate. This I-that-is-you has come here to bring forth from within its contribution to the emerging whole.

Abundance means being a conduit from the Infinite into form. You live, move, and have your being in the Infinite Reservoir of good. Unlimited possibilities are forever seeking to express through you. Your concern for supply dissolves when you live in a generous giving mode because you see the unending resource. Life presents you with an unshakable sense of peace and security because you‘re not seeking to be sourced from this world. Rather you are here to give to this world from the Inexhaustible Abundant I Am of your being.

Spiritual Contemplation: Remember how good it feels to share yourself.

Affirmation: I live in the abundant joy of giving!