The Power that holds a grain of sand in place is the same Power that holds the planets in their places. There is nothing big or little or hard or easy as far as the Power is concerned. It is the same Power working in and upon everything. This is the Power we use.  Ernest Holmes

All spiritual faiths and traditions agree that for our idea of God to come even close to the reality of the Infinite Presence, we must see It as omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. This means the form from which everything is created is infinite in power and intelligence. It is big enough to hold and manage the creation of a vast and seemingly infinite Universe. It has the intelligence and wisdom to know how to design cells that divide and multiply to become a baby’s fingernails and eyelashes. It is present in the smallest quark and photon while showing Its majesty in the beauty of the mountains.

Spirit, the infinite ONE, doesn’t differentiate between big and little. It shows up in the smallest to largest of all things. Nothing is too big for Spirit to create. This is the same creative power that moves through you. Nothing is too big for Life so you can focus on a molehill of Abundance, or on a mountain of Abundance. God doesn’t know anything about big or little. The Universe has the wisdom, power, and presence to become anything through you.

Spiritual Contemplation: How big is your God? Is it big enough to handle everything in your life?

Affirmation: Spirit doesn’t know big or little, mountain or molehill. I trust in the bigness of my God!