Healing the Consciousness of Racism in America

Oct 2, 2018 | Spirituality in the World

On Tuesday, October 2nd, CSLDallas and Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) invoked the Power of Prayer and Meditation to heal the consciousness of racism in America. Botham Jean is the latest name on an unimaginably, long list of men and women, who have lost their lives for being black in the United States. As spiritual leaders and people of faith, we know how to use our collective voice in words, music, prayer and meditation to heal the false beliefs and sense of separation that taint the soul of America with hate, anger, inequity, apathy, and fear.

Our collective intention and our determination to do the spiritual work of creating a world that works for everyone, is a powerful call to our faith leaders, our communities, and our citizens to restore the internal compass of Love, Peace, Unity and Oneness within the heart of America. We gathered to build bridges of hope and understanding. We believe this is what spirituality is FOR because we know that consciousness is cause. Rather than fostering hatred and superiority, Centers for Spiritual Living celebrates the Divine Spark in everyone which is each person’s inherent dignity and worth.

Centers for Spiritual Living believes in the power of prayer and the consciousness created through music and meditation. We gathered to deliberately use our spiritual tools to set a new cause in motion and joined with countless others who understand it is our spiritual and moral obligation to bring our values and Global Vision into actuality.


  • Dr Petra Weldes and Rev Karen Fry, Co-Spiritual Directors of CSLDallas
  • Dr Kenn Gordon, CSL Spiritual Leader
  • Dr Michael Gott, Senior Minister of Unity of Houston
  • Tracy Brown, Practitioner and Member of CSLDallas and Leadership Council Chair for CSL
  • Spiritually Motivated Social Engagement Committee (SMSE)
  • CSL Minsters Council
  • 60+ CSL Ministers who were in Dallas attending the 2018 CSL Ministers Gathering
  • HeartSpace Spiritual Center

Dr Petra Weldes’ Call to End Racism in America

Written Text of Dr Petra Weldes’ Call

Rev Karen Fry’s Call to End Racism in America

Written Text of Rev Karen’s Call