We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.  J. K. Rowling

When your consciousness is filled with the Spirit of the truth, not just the law of truth but Spirit itself, healing happens. Friends will reach out to you for healing prayer, and although they may think you are the conduit for the healings, you don’t actually heal anyone. Instead you remove horrendous conditions from people’s lives, or get their bodies working harmoniously again. Your only responsibility is the spiritual realization of the Omnipresent Spirit expressing through Its perfect creation. You are called upon to feel and know that the Living Presence is alive and well at the very center of the condition you are looking at.

Your job is not to change your friend’s thinking. Your responsibility is to feel, see, and know the truth so clearly that there is a responsiveness in her. It doesn’t matter what the condition may be—its only cause is a belief that something other than Life can exist. When the Spirit in you is so vibrationally alive, it activates a sympathetic resonance in another. You live, move, and have your being in the heart of Life, and so does your friend because Spirit is omnipresent. We are all connected, so there’s no need to send your awareness anywhere because it’s already there. Your conscious union with the Divine opens you to the activity of Spirit, which brings healing in and through all.

Spiritual Contemplation: Sit with the thought of Spirit’s Omnipresence and see how far it will take you. Does it take you from here to another city and possibly beyond this world as you connect with multidimensional possibilities?

Affirmation: I am the activity of the Spiritual Realization!