There are many different ways we split ourselves and the ways we engage with Life and Reality up into pieces or parts. The two most common ways are head and heart or mind and body. Most often these are talked about as if they were slightly in opposition to each other and that our spiritual work is to should move from one side (which is perceived as lacking) to the other (which is perceived as better) to have a better spiritual experience.

However, we are a wholeness, a place where Infinite Wholeness is being expressed. We have various aspects, functional organs, and processes of engagement which all form the wholeness of this thing we call our “consciousness”. So it would be more accurate to say head/heart as a single whole or body/mind as complementary aspects of consciousness. This is most popularly represented by the yin/yang symbol.  Light and dark forever merging into each other and arising out of each other in a beautiful complimentary dance.

Rather than moving from one side to other, our wholeness is expressed when we fully embrace, embody and live from both aspects of the One Reality; adding head and heart together, or body to mind, for a greater truth and experience of reality. Remember there is always an underlying wholeness in any seeming pairs of opposites. This is true about you too!