The Fool is numbered 0 in the Tarot deck – the number of unlimited potential symbolizing the journey through life which we are ever on.

On the Fool Tarot card, a young man stands on the edge of a cliff, without a care in the world, as he sets out on a new adventure. He is gazing upwards toward the sky (and the Universe) and is seemingly unaware that he is about to skip off a precipice into the unknown. Over his shoulder rests a modest knapsack containing everything he needs – which isn’t much (let’s say he’s a minimalist). The white rose in his left hand represents his purity and innocence. And at his feet is a small white dog, representing loyalty and protection, that encourages him to charge forward and live the life he has come here to be. The mountains behind the Fool symbolize the challenges yet to come. They are present, but the Fool doesn’t care about them right now; he’s more focused on starting his expedition.

The Fool is a card of beginnings, opportunity, and potential. Just like the young man, you are forever at the outset of your soul’s journey, standing at the cliff‘s edge, and about to take your next step into the unknown. Even though you don’t know exactly where you are going, you are being called to commit yourself and follow your heart, no matter how crazy this leap of faith might seem to you. Now is a time when you need to trust where the Universe is taking you.

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