Zoom Mindfulness Meditation Circle

Meeting Information: The second Tuesday of every month.

With a 3 month commitment to a daily meditation practice. 

Time: 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. 

Location: CSLDallas Zoom Meditation [Please contact revpatti@csldallas.org for Zoom login invitation.)

Purpose: Any day you meditate, you are better for it, but the power of meditation is in the habitual practicing of meditation, doing it every day. That is the purpose of this circle, to support one another in committing to and participating in the daily practice of meditation.

What the meetings will look like logistically is a monthly group meditation followed by a discussion of what worked and didn’t work, or sharing of the miracles of insight and experience that inevitably precipitate into the lives of those who practice every day.

Goal: The Circles goal is to develop a core of members who practice the Spiritual Practice of Meditation on a daily practice and thus, enhance the High Consciousness of CSLDallas and the world. Not to mention that every practitioner’s spiritual growth will be immensely enhanced. A token of accomplishment for every day in a row to check-in on Meditation Class InFellowship access folder.

As a spiritual mentor once said, “If you feel like something is missing in your life…If you don’t have a daily meditation practice that may be just what is missing in your life.” 

Zoom Mindfulness Meditation Circle

Leaders of Circle

Rev. Patti Generes, revpatti@csldallas.org