Wisdom Circle

Meeting Information: Meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Please contact Circle Leader for times and location information.

Purpose: The purpose of the Wisdom Circle is to learn, grow, and share new dimensions of Wisdom. We focus on uncovering the abundant gifts of our expanding life-span and exploring the unchartered opportunities that some call the second-half of life. Our lives after 50 journeys are unique. More and more of us, are living into our late eighties and beyond. In our Circle, we consider aging and life transitions as windows into new dimensions of wisdom and possibilities of spiritual growth. The Wisdom Circle is a whole-group experience and whole-group container for nurturing transformation.

We may schedule special events on holidays in lieu of meetings, like gathering for a 4th of July fireworks picnic. Members are encouraged to suggest and/or lead topics of special interest and contribute their creativity to enhance the vitality of the Circle experiences.

Description of Meeting: Circle leaders provide a structure as well as a topic focus for each session and facilitate the conversations and activities. We engage in “out-loud” personal inquiries and a collective dialogue of depth. We respect others by giving them our full attention without judging them or needing to verbally respond.  We do not give advice. We know there is nothing to be “fixed.” We do not “process” someone or try to convince another person to a certain point of view. Members frequently say how grateful they are for the openness, support, and camaraderie the Wisdom Circle creates.

Wisdom Circle

Leaders of Circle

Tom Boldrey, tboldrey@aol.com
Avis Ives, RScP, avisives@gmail.com