Spirit At Work Circle

A Business Ministry We learn, share, pray, and prosper.

Meeting Information: 4th Thursday each month 6:00 to 8:00 pm at CSLDallas

Purpose: The Spirit At Work Circle is centered on activating and applying Spiritual Laws, Principles, and Practices throughout a person’s career and work-life. Participating in this Circle enables each person to grow past limited thinking and ignite the power of Spirit at work. Participants expand their consciousness and Spirit At Work demonstrations are celebrated.

Mission: Our Mission is to empower and support every individual to use spiritual laws, principles, and practices in their work-lives and thrive. Our Spirit At Work circle enables participants to have a sense of belonging, expand their repertoire of spiritual “tools,” and enhance their capacity to connect with Spirit as a way of being while working.

Participants: Everyone is welcome who is engaged in any form of work and community service regardless of their role, responsibilities, or involvement in the business, corporate, or the nonprofit world.

Description of Meetings: Our monthly meetings at CSLDallas are structured to teach and support each person to activate spiritual laws, principles, and practices in their everyday work situations. Each meeting begins with opportunities to connect with others and centers on a 15-minute talk followed by a guided conversation regarding activating Spirit to work through us and as us while we are working and/or engaged in community service. We co-create a sacred supportive community for consciously learning to work connected with Spirit as a way of being.

Spirit At Work Circle

Leaders of Circle

Carl Hunt, carlhunt49@gmail.com
Carl Thomas, carlthomas@princorporated.com