Nature Circle

Meeting Information: We meet on varied weekends once every month. Check the Calendar for upcoming meetings/outings. 

Purpose: The Nature Circle of Life offers opportunities to collectively come together to appreciate and learn from nature. As we commune with nature in her physical form, we can understand how Life Itself works and enjoy the divine showing up in Its splendor.

Mission: Our mission is to enjoy nature in a variety of ways with community members and use the time to connect with the One and each other.

Description of the Circle:  The Nature Circle provides opportunities to hike, canoe, kayak, bird-watch, etc. at parks, preserves, and nature areas around DFW.  Dates and locations will be sent out months in advance so that members can plan to attend. There is no commitment required and you can participate whenever you’d like.

Nature Circle

Leaders of Circle

Lisa Blackford (Texas Master Naturalist):
Michael Deese:
Michelle Deese: