In-Powered Living Circle

Meeting Information: An uplifting class/discussion group that meets every Friday night at CSLDallas from 7 – 9:00pm. 

Please reach out to Circle Leader for updated information on times meetings


  • In-powered Living – living life more from a place of love, joy, and inspiration
  • Bringing out the best in you and the people you interact with
  • Raising mass consciousness one person at a time
  • Enhancing and maintaining the connection with the divine within
  • Transcending limiting beliefs and habits
  • Consciously creating and attracting more of what you really want in your life

The group is open to all. There is no cost or required pre-studying needed before attending the group. People are free to attend as their schedule permits.

Utilizing complementary content from a range of authors including current experts in the fields of psychology, sociology, medicine, biology and metaphysics including Abraham-Hicks. Along with original material developed by Rob Brite.

Each week’s topic is posted by the previous Sunday night at the Dallas Law of Attraction Meetup page.


In-Powered Living Circle

Leaders of Circle

Rob Brite, [email protected]