African American Circle

Meeting Information: The circle meets on the third Sunday of each month at CSLDallas from 12:30 – 3:00pm. Contact Circle leader for updated meeting time and information. 

Purpose: To welcome, embrace, and provide a Circle that allows opportunities for African American members and friends at CSLDallas, to connect in our spiritual, physical, social, and emotional lives together.


  1.  To be supportive in the lives of each other – our elders, families, children, and youth – as we explore various facets of our spiritual and social lives together at CSLDallas.
  2. To be vigilant with our communication, care, and concern within our CSLDallas community and beyond.
  3. To honor our physical presence, as African American members and friends, attending outreach and celebrations with each other throughout our various interactions within our CSLDallas community.
  4. To show up as our authentic selves, sharing our gifts/talents with each other, our CSLDallas community, and beyond.

African American Circle

Leaders of Circle

Osunlade Edwards, [email protected] 
Demaris Jones, [email protected]