Please and thank you are good manners, as well as social lubricant. They provide recognition, acknowledgment, and connection between people, whether it’s to a server in the fast-food window or to our closest loved ones. More importantly, the words, used with feeling and intention, allow us to express what we feel in our hearts. We want someone to know that their words, action, or gift is meaningful and that it makes an impact on our lives. This is between human beings but is not applied to our spiritual work, nor does it impact our “relationship” with Spirit.

Giving thanks is not about having good manners with “God”.  The infinite Presence and Power are not something we need to say please and thank you to to get what we want or to get It to give us something. The infinite doesn’t need us to thank it because it is, simply, forever, loving, giving, and co-creating life, as us, no matter what.

No, it’s our consciousness that is shifted when we live in or move into, an Attitude of Gratitude. It isn’t being grateful “to” someone for doing something, rather it is being grateful “for” that which is always, already being given. This is the “ask, believing you have already received” attitude, which is being grateful before it arrives (also known as faith 😊).

Between us humans, we are grateful to someone for something that they have already done or given. In our spiritual work, we are grateful for something even before we see it in form.  This attitude of gratitude is a powerful acceptance of the truth: that Universal Spirit is always giving Itself into creation and is the very source and essence of our being; and that Universal Law is forever creating that which we have accepted as our reality, in consciousness. In this way, an attitude of gratitude before we have manifested is the demonstration in consciousness that is the cause of our manifestations. And when our TSRW shows up, we are grateful again! Grateful  “for” the reminder that the Law is always saying “yes” to everything we are grateful for!