New arts, new sciences, new philosophies, better government, and a higher civilization wait on our thoughts. The infinite energy of Life, and the possibility of our future evolution, work through our imagination and will. The time is ready, the place is where we are now, and it is done unto all as they really believe and act.  Ernest Holmes

It can be challenging and disheartening, listening to the news. It seems as though something awful is always happening somewhere. We can long for the seemingly easier, better days of the past. Or worry constantly about an inevitably dimming future. We can feel overwhelmed about what anyone of us can do.

Yet we know that the news doesn’t show us reality, neither human nor Divine. There are always new ideas being brought forward. There is always great good being done in the world. The evolutionary process is always taking place—Life seeking to be and express more of Itself through creation. This very impulse is the light behind new inventions, different models of business and government, and the restoration of wholeness in places that have been devastated by pollution or war. Each place where this impulse is brought forward, it is done through people around the globe just like you.

Spiritual Contemplation: Do you allow the news to devastate or depress you? How could you see the world from a spiritual point of view, while acting boldly toward the future that you desire for all of us?

Affirmation: I look for positive and good news around the world. I lend my consciousness wherever there is good work and restoration taking place. I support our evolution into who we are collectively meant to be!