Money is one of the things we can be the most passionate and the most conflicted about. We can love money and obsess about it, hate money and avoid dealing with it, or ignore it and pretend it’s not important. Yet in today’s world, money is a necessary (although not the only) means to create the life you want to live. Like everything else, the most important thing is to examine your beliefs about money and your relationship to it, develop a healthy attitude and equanimity around it. Where does this start? By realizing that money is simply energy in a form we can carry around and use. And what is energy but Spirit (another name for God) in Form! So that means money is a way that we get to walk around with Love (another name for God) or Light (another name for God) or Creation (another name for God) in our pockets and wallets. Imagine that!

Today, every time you handle money, think about money, receive or pay out money, recognize its true nature. The more you do this, the more you realize that money is here to serve and support you in the creation of a meaningful and fulfilling life. So, let’s get comfortable with money and make the most of walking around with Life (another name for God) at our fingertips!