Why live in a soap opera when you can star in a great love story?  Alan Cohen

An affirmation is a short positive statement that focuses your mind in the direction of your choice. Keep it short so it’s not confusing. If there is a challenging condition in your life, rather than affirming it won’t continue, since that would put the energy on the negative, flip it over to the affirmative side and proclaim that spiritual truth for your experience instead. Rather than using generic words or flowery phrases you’ve heard others use, find the words that conjure up your own feelings and images. No template affirmations for you! Custom all the way.

Like an earworm of a song you hear played continuously and find all of a sudden is playing in your head without your intention, affirmations change thought patterns. Repeat your affirmation numerous times throughout the course of your day until you find it running in your awareness like a loop. When it’s playing in your subjective you will find it pulling you in its direction and pushing you away from that which doesn’t support it. It’s a powerful practice to consciously program what you want to attract into your world. When you say, “I am,” your whole being perks up to take its orders as to what outcome to produce for you. If you are looking for some change, get affirming.

Spiritual Contemplation: Is there an area that could use an upgrade in your life? Take that experience and flip it around. Create a positive affirmation of that change of expression and you have a custom statement for what you want to see. Repeat it a hundred times twice a day for the next week and notice what happens

Affirmation: I am consciously affirming my good!