Sometimes it just takes time to find a rhythm that works in my life. This is one of the reasons why, when I travel, I love staying in one place for a week, or in this case three. I love feeling the rhythm of my neighborhood and the breath of the city. I love it that I know how to get the bus and a bike. I know where everything is in both grocery stores so I no longer go round and round looking for the balsamic vinegar. It makes me feel that although I’m exploring I’m also not a hurried tourist, passing through just to “see the sights.” Actually, I’m less interested in the sights than I am in how the locals live. I deliberately take myself off the beaten track wandering around to get a feel for the soul of the city. This one is laid back, open-hearted, diverse, loving all things yummy and nature and good. I’ve also never seen so many blondes or towheads in my whole life!  I feel right at home!

I’ve also found a rhythm for my writing. After my first cup of coffee, I’m usually at my computer by 9 am. Then I write till I can’t write anymore – 30 – 45 minutes. Then I pace, play a game, read for 10 minutes or do the dishes, all the while thinking about what’s next. Then I sit down and write some more. I’m usually surprised to discover that in this rhythm I can easily write till 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

I’ve also decided just to write and not to worry about if it’s good or perfect or right. I know that I’ll need other people to read it, and then I’ll have to edit and edit again, Holding it this way creates another effortless rhythm and is very freeing. Just get it down on paper, don’t worry about whether its any good. So without the need to stay seated for hours on end or to get it perfect the first time, I am grateful that this rhythm has emerged. I am pleased that I’m not forcing or dreading, challenging or criticising my self or my process.  I’m just letting the rhythm flow.

I think this is the dance we can do with life all the time. Set our goal and intention, that’s us leading, and then listen to how it wants to unfold, that’s Spirit leading.  Where in your life are you dancing to your own, unique rhythm? And is there someplace in your life where you’re not?  I support you in finding your rhythm, to dance lightly with Life, especially around your creativity and the things that are really important to you!