“See that each hour’s feelings and thoughts and actions are pure and true; then your life will be also.”  —  Henry Ward Beecher

Feel your feelings; They are a natural part of this life experience.  The important thing is to feel them cleanly and express them purely.  Do not act upon your feelings in a destructive and hurtful manner neither toward another nor towards yourself.  When you are hurt or mad, simply say so.  You can say it with a great deal of vehemence and energy that is without attack or blame.

Just as importantly, when you are joyous and happy, enjoy it without guilt or shame, just don’t require others to be in the same place.  When you are determined, go for it without running over anyone else.  And when you feel like playing, invite the whole world to play with you!

Reflection:  Which feelings am I most able and willing to feel and share?  Which ones do I avoid or express inappropriately?

Affirmation:  I allow my feelings to wash over me like waves on a beach. I enjoy surfing them, without avoidance or drowning.