When your stomach clenches, your thoughts race, and your feelings take you to a negative place, fear has gotten hold of you. Fear is the expectation, even the certainty, that something terrible is going to happen. But you know there is a spiritual Power and a loving  Presence behind all Creation. Its impulse is Love – a desire to express good, joy, love, harmony, abundance, beauty, peace, and more life.

So at that moment of fear, you can redirect your expectation and certainty! Expect something good to happen and be certain that miracles occur.  Even if you don’t know how that is possible, even if the evidence of your senses are to the contrary, or your intuition is showing you a negative outcome. Your positive expectancy of good, your belief in the Power and Presence, your conscious and deliberate use of the Law to set a new cause in motion, is more powerful than anything you fear. This is what we call Faith.

Fear is simply expecting, with certainty, that the worse possible thing that can happen, will happen. Faith is that same level of expectancy and certainty, only focused on knowing that the best possible thing that can happen, will happen. You already have faith in abundance. You can choose which way you will direct it! Turn your fear into faith and know that the Law responds to your expectancy and certainty!