Are you looking for evidence of abundance in your life or assuming it’s not there? My son loves shows like CSI and Law and Order. He loves the investigation and the sleuthing that bring some surprising evidence to light. It’s always something that wasn’t expected, and he loves the surprise, but also the rightness of how things work out.

The plain, practical, everyday problem of moneymaking is a definite part of living and the answer to it is summed up in these words: Prosperity awaits everyone’s recognition and acceptance of it. Or it can be stated another way: Your financial success already exists, but it is waiting for you to see it and accept it as your own.  Ernest Holmes

Wouldn’t it be amazing to move in our lives with the same investigative intention, looking for the surprising evidence of how things really do work out? Yet how many times do we actually collect evidence of abudnace, both current and past, or of things that haven’t worked out? Our minds are trained to look for and find the thing we are most focused on. If we are focused on lack and fear, our minds will show us all the ways that these are playing out. But if we focus on our good, the things we are grateful for, and what really is working, then our minds have to go out and collect that kind of evidence instead. Like a great detective, our minds will filter out all those things that distract from the hunt and focus on those things that take us to the truth.

Spiritual Contemplation: Become a detective in your life, sleuthing out the evidence of abundance in your life and seeking clues for all the ways you are supported.

Affirmation: I actively look for clues that I am supported and abundant. I am delighted at how much good I discover.