You are a light, shining in the world. Your presence makes a difference. You are here to be you! You are here to Soar!  Remember the old story –

Once there was an eagle chick brought up in a turkey yard. She thought she was a turkey and pecked at grain all day. She grew up easily startled and was afraid of the fox and weasel that were always prowling around. She matured later than her nestmates and they made fun of her, calling her slow and ugly. One day she heard a cry in the sky that tugged at her heart. She looked up and saw a glorious winged creature circling high above, calling and calling. She recognized the call was for her. At first, she was anxious and felt unsure of herself, but something within her urged her up to the fence.  As she balanced there with her wings outspread, the others in the turkey yard heckled and ridiculed her for trying to fly. But the call came again and she leaped into the air! With one big down sweep of her magnificent wings, she realized she was born for the sky.

The moral of the story? Don’t let the turkeys get you down. Remember, you were born to soar!