After the dark comes the dawn. After winter comes spring. After sacred disruption and reimagining comes newness, possibility, and re-engaging with our lives in new ways. This year, 2023, is all about Emergence – the emergence of ourselves and our lives into a new light, a deeper awareness, and a greater commitment to growing healthy, joy-filled lives that live in harmony with Spirit, with each other, and with the earth.

When we recognize the truth of ourselves as an individualized expression of the ONE Life we realize that we are here to co-create and express the unique, beautiful, additions we are to the whole. Sometimes this expression comes in specific demonstrations of healing and physical manifestation. And boy do we love our TSRWs!  And we should celebrate every single one! Other times our lives seem to take a meandering journey of unfolding, as we grow and progress in our acceptance of Good and our commitment to making a difference.  This is our focus in 2023 – Emergence!

Emergence is the product of an emergent evolution that is forever happening as our consciousness expands and relies on the Law of Growth.  Here are a series of quotes from the Science of Mind and Ernest Holmes to contemplate this month and all year long: 

All is Infinite Being and all is eternally becoming. Infinite Being is Infinite Knowingness; as the result of this Infinite Knowingness, there is an Infinite Becomingness or Creation. 

If we were to further inquire of our imagination what the ultimate purpose of evolution is, the most logical answer it could give would be that the purpose of Life is to produce beings who can consciously cooperate with It; that through such cooperation the evolving Principle Itself may more completely express. 

The aim of evolution is to produce a being who, at the objective point of their own self-determination, may completely manifest the inner life of the Spirit. Even the Spirit does not seek to control us, It lets us alone to discover ourselves. The most precious thing we possess is our own individuality; indeed, this is the only thing we really have, or are. 

Since the ONE is infinite, the possibility of humanity’s expansion is limitless.  Therefore evolution or unfoldment is the eternal process through which Being passes into becoming. This does not make us Universal Spirit, nor do we create It; but we are, at any and every level of consciousness, at such a level, a manifestation of the original Mind.  As a drop of water is in the ocean, and in its essence is like the ocean, but still never is the whole ocean.

Evolution is a principle, that, though invisible, finds manifestation in every form of life.  It is the logical and necessary outcome of Universal Intelligence or Spirit.   But evolution is an effect of intelligence and not its cause; it follows involution.  Involution is the idea while evolution is the unfoldment of the idea.  Involution precedes evolution with mechanical precision propelled by an immutable law — the Law of Cause and Effect.

Evolution is the time and the process through which the Spirit unfolds.  In so far as any individual understands this mental law, he or she is able to use it.  We must learn how it works and comply with the way it works…Involution and evolution, the thought and the thing, the word, and the law, the purpose and the execution — this is the sequence of the way the law works. 

Life operates through what we call the law of evolution (law of growth) or unfoldment, and we are subject to this law.  It is not a limitation but is the way through which freedom and individuality express.  There is an unfolding principle within us that is ever carrying us forward to greater and greater expressions of freedom, love, joy, and life.