Divine Dining: Cuisines for Camp

Eat well. Meet new people. Raise money for our teens to attend camp.

If you love to eat and socialize, bid on a meal hosted by one of our members.

How to bid on a meal: Let’s say a host has offered a chicken barbecue for ten people with a starting bid of $25. You bid by signing up on the bidding sheet. After ten people have bid $25, the eleventh person must place a higher bid. This bumps the last low bidder off the guest list. Keep checking the bidding sheet: if you were outbid and you want to ensure your seat at the barbecue, you must counter with an even higher bid. In the end, the highest ten bids buy tickets to the meal then show up at the appointed time and place for a great time and great food. Remember, it’s a fundraiser. All the money we raise is for our Teen Camp Fund. So pick a date, fill out a form, become a Divine Diner, bid on a lot of meals!


Khem Na’khi

Glance at dinners to bid on by viewing/downloading PDF Bidding Menu & Rules

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