Auction Begins April 2020

Do you love wonderful food, fun parties, delightful conversation, laughing and connecting with others?

Do you love supporting CSLDallas teens and assisting in their spiritual and personal transformation?

…If so, you’re sure to love becoming a Divine Diner!

Divine Dining is one of the highlights of the CSLDallas experience!

You can participate by hosting a group dinner and/or bidding on a seat at one or more themed group dinner parties that take place from May – November.

100% of donations fund our teens’ attendance at CSL national and regional spiritual camps. These camps empower them through transformative spiritual workshops and experiences.

A Menu Sampling of Previous Dinner Party Themes

Murder at the Luau |  Crab and Comedy | Big Fat Greek Festival | Oktoberfest | Spiritual Beings Having a Hippie Experience | Bagpipes and BBQ | Last Train from Paris | Healing Power of Food: Ayurvedic Experience | Good Vibrations Vegan Delight I Live Maine Lobster & Hot Jazz I Fantastic Fondue

Divine Dining Annual Calendar

January: Host Information Event 

Find out how Divine Dining and CSL Camp impacts our teens’ lives. Learn about the benefits of being a Divine Dining host as well as tips, tricks and guidelines from previous hosts.

February: Sign-Up to Host a Dinner Party!

Sign-up to be a dinner party host with the help of the Divine Dining team who guides you through the whole process. Sign up after the Sunday Celebration, in Berrong Lounge during the week, or simply sign up HERE!

April: Auction Time!

After our Sunday Celebrations and throughout the week in Berrong Lounge, peruse the auction tables and bid on seats at your favorite dinners. Seats are limited and bidding can be competitive, so make sure to check the status of your bids each week! 

May: You Won!

Find out which dinners you won! 100% of your donation funds our teens’ attendance at CSL national and regional science of mind camps. Check out this VIDEO from the 2019 Teen Sunday Celebration to hear how camp impacts their lives .

May to December: Eat Well. Connect with Others. Empower our Teens.

Enjoy your fun Divine Dining experiences throughout the year, deepening your friendships with other CSLDallas members.

August: Teen Transformation

Following their July summer camp adventure, teens lead a Sunday Celebration in the Sanctuary highlighted by their entertaining and moving talks about how CSL Camp has impacted their lives.  One of the most popular Sundays of the year!  

“Divine Dining was the most creative and enjoyable fundraising experience I have ever had! We were able to raise a lot of money in support of our teens attending summer camp and, in the process, cultivate relationships with fellow CSLDallas community members. Great food, great conversation, great fun… and all the while supporting our teens! I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to our community in this way and am already looking forward to next year!”  – Terri L. 

“My CSL Camp experience has been a wonderful accepting environment full of individuals who are working away from ignorance and towards greater understanding. A world of individuals approaching the world ambitiously to create a new world that is more ethical and supporting of everyone, a place where there are ears that listen and hearts that care.” – Raphael S. (teen) 

It costs $1,100 for each teen and advisor to attend CSL Camp. We welcome your financial support of our teens via csldallas.org/give and select “Teen Camp” from drop down menu.

Want to help? Join the Divine Dining organizing team by emailing:  [email protected]


Briana Ebmeier

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